…”One weekend I injured my lower back and could not move for days.  This excruciating pain dropped me to my knees.  After I couldn’t take the pain anymore, I was referred to PT Professionals for treatment.  It was time; time to see the physical therapist.  The treatments he provided and exercises he recommended got me back on my feet in no time.  I was good to go; no more back pain.  Daryl is a True PROFESSIONAL!!!

During one of my few treatments, Daryl noticed an irregular shaped spot on my lower back.  He asked if I ever had it looked at by a doctor.  My response was, “NO, who looks at their lower back in the mirror?”  Daryl replied, “You may need to have this checked.”  Well, to make a long story short that so-called “spot” was diagnosed as malignant melanoma. Cancer!!!Just recently, I had the cancer surgically removed.  I was later informed the biopsy of the margins came back clear and the cancer did not spread.  This so-called spot could have gone unnoticed for years had I not hurt my back and had physical therapy.   Not only did they help me with my back, by paying close attention to detail and looking outside the box, they were able to do a lot more for me than I could have ever expected….”

“Every time I walked in, there was a great sense of enthusiasm and energy from each person. There’s a great cohesiveness with each therapist at PT Professionals and that is why they are great at what they do. I had the privilege to work with Shardae, Daryl, Julie, and Nancy. They connected with me on a personal level and held me accountable in doing all of my prescribed exercises. Every one of them made a huge impact on my overall rehabilitation experience. I highly recommend anyone suffering sports injuries to give them a call.”
-Jeffrey M