Blog #11

There are lots of places to get physical therapy. What makes you different?
I love it when I get asked this question.  To start, we are a physical therapy company owned, created and managed by physical therapists.  We designed PT Professionals to be unlike our competitors, and surprisingly our philosophy is simple.  We hire very smart, motivated individuals who care about the quality of their work and put them in an environment where they can use their skills and help people to the best of their availability.  We believe in physical therapy, we know first-hand how if done correctly it can help people, and simply put we are good at it.  It takes a team approach to create satisfied patients, and we have an amazing group of individuals that work for this company and they know, understand and believe in our philosophy. I would describe our employees as driven, and we are skilled at motivating individuals to do what it takes to achieve their goals. We feel good when our patients feel good, and we also hurt when our patients hurt. Using the team approach we can achieve amazing results. We also feel blessed to be in business for so many years in Brevard County. We feel compelled to give back to our local community, and we can frequently be seen volunteering our time and supporting local charities and businesses. In short, we love what we do and it can clearly be seen in the quality of our work and in our results.