Blog #6

Are you up to date with Medicare changes?

We sure are. It is a continuous process to stay up to date with Medicare regulations, and rest assured that Medicare compliance is a part of our everyday lives at PT Professionals. We learn about Medicare regulations from a variety of sources. Daryl regularly participates in webinars and blogs regarding the subject of compliance. We also attend face to face compliance meetings throughout the year in order to make sure that we stay current with new mandates and regulations. We regularly read publications and articles from compliance experts. We discuss what we learn monthly at employee staff meetings, and quarterly we have special meetings with the staff that deal with any and all compliance issues. Routine internal chart audits and documentation review are part of our regular lives, and we discuss documentation reviews as a group. Daryl also belongs to small business groups that regularly discuss compliance issues and ethics.

We strive to be community leaders in many aspects of our business. By standing out as compliance leaders, we hope that we can encourage other physical therapy clinics to routinely follow Medicare regulations. This is one way we work to improve the overall image of private practice physical therapy, which is part of our company vision.