Blog #4

Is “no pain no gain” the right way?

Not necessarily. Admittedly, physical therapists do have to put some people in pain to complete the rehabilitation process. However, all of our patients at PT Professionals will readily admit that they are never in an “unreasonable” amount of pain treated in our office. It is most unusual for a person to leave our office and feel worse than they did prior to their arrival at our facility. In fact, most of the time patients leave our office feeling a sense of relief and accomplishment. The therapy that each patient receives is unique to that patient. Our therapists always consider pain threshold and tissue response to therapy when administering treatment. Contrary to popular belief, as physical therapists we do not enjoy torturing people. The nicknames PT=pain and torture, and PT= physical terrorist, are meant to be funny, but not true. To be completely truthful, in many instances the therapist hurts when the patient hurts. Our education and clinical experience is how we know how hard to push each patient to meet their goals. We hire compassionate and intelligent therapists that are able to relate well to each patient’s pain levels.