Blog #3

Am I going to be evaluated by a physical therapist in your office?

Yes! In our office, every patient is evaluated by a State licensed physical therapist. The term “physical therapy” is often used loosely and in many instances, even in this community, patients are led to believe they are receiving physical therapy from a state licensed physical therapist, but in reality they are not. In Florida, there is currently no legislative language to prohibit anyone from using the use of the term “physical therapy” for advertising or for billing. At PT Professionals each patient evaluated by a State licensed physical therapist, AND every physical therapist in our office is extremely competent and qualified to treat musculoskeletal injuries. We also give our therapists adequate time to perform a thorough evaluation and use their clinical experience and skills with each patient. The take away from this blog is that you are ever in the need of “physical therapy,” always be sure to check to make sure that the provider is a State licensed physical therapist. Don’t be fooled by what is, in my opinion, an inappropriate usage of the term.