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Patient Testimonials

PT Professionals Team
At PT Professionals, we are grateful for our wonderful patients. We are proud to share a few of the hundreds of unsolicited testimonials!
“This was the best experience I had in physical therapy. All the therapist were very knowledgeable and provided great exercises for a quick recovery. My favorite therapist was Shardae. She had extremely creative work outs prepared for me each time I came in. It is obvious that she truly loves her job and has the patients best interest at heart. Her practices made me want to continue going back to therapy and I was able to retain full range of movement and get back to doing the things I love. Thank you so much, Shardae!”
-Ericka D
“The PT Professional staff was just that . . . professional! I was always greeted by name when I arrived, and all of the office staff was very pleasant and great to work with. Scheduling appointments were always easy, and if I ever had a conflict, they were eager to work around my schedule. The office was always extremely clean, and well-maintained! I will definitely return to PT Professionals, for any future PT needs. “
-Betsy T
..."One weekend I injured my lower back and could not move for days.  This excruciating pain dropped me to my knees.  After I couldnt take the pain anymore, I was referred to PT Professionals for treatment.  It was time; time to see the physical therapist.  The treatments he provided and exercises he recommended got me back on my feet in no time.  I was good to go; no more back pain.  Daryl is a True PROFESSIONAL!!!

During one of my few treatments, Daryl noticed an irregular shaped spot on my lower back.  He asked if I ever had it looked at by a doctor.  My response was, NO, who looks at their lower back in the mirror?  Daryl replied, You may need to have this checked.  Well, to make a long story short that so-called spot was diagnosed as malignant melanoma. Cancer!!!

Just recently, I had the cancer surgically removed.  I was later informed the biopsy of the margins came back clear and the cancer did not spread.  This so-called spot could have gone unnoticed for years had I not hurt my back and had physical therapy.   Not only did they help me with my back, by paying close attention to detail and looking outside the box, they were able to do a lot more for me than I could have ever expected...."
“Every time I walked in, there was a great sense of enthusiasm and energy from each person. There's a great cohesiveness with each therapist at PT Professionals and that is why they are great at what they do. I had the privilege to work with Shardae, Daryl, Julie, and Nancy. They connected with me on a personal level and held me accountable in doing all of my prescribed exercises. Every one of them made a huge impact on my overall rehabilitation experience. I highly recommend anyone suffering sports injuries to give them a call.”
-Jeffrey M
I was very pleased with my vists to PT PROFESSIONALS. Our therapist listened to my concerns and worked out a therapy program that I felt comfortable with and that brought about very satisfying results. He also printed out an instruction sheet with pictures demonstrating the exercises, they were especially helpful. I also really liked the fact that I never had to wait at an appointment... that is very unusual these days.
Daryl is God sent to me. He has save me from frozen shoulder and helping me so that I do not need to have another shoulder surgery.  I thank God for him every day. Thank you Daryl.
"This is the second time I have been fortunate enough to have the help of PT Professionals. I was treated for a foot injury last year and have remained pain free.... I just finished a course of treatment for my knee with Daryl and the outcome has been positive as well.  Daryl is professional, knowledgeable and caring. He always took time to listen to my concerns and gave me his full attention while I was there to ensure that I was doing the exercises correctly. In addition, the office is immaculate and the entire staff is attentive to your needs and a pleasure to deal with."
PT Professionals has always been patient and attentive to my physical needs.

Daryl is always willing to listen to an explanation concerning a physical problem in addition to offering both suggestions and support concerning the correction of the problem. To his credit, he is willing to listen to the patient's ideas concerning the correction of the problem. One of the reasons I am using PT Professionals' services is due to the fact that Daryl was my physical therapist with another organization. When he left the organization that he was previously employed with, I sought his help when I incurred another injury.
I enjoyed visiting your professional and informative website.  Brevard County is fortunate to have such qualified Physical Therapists  and first class facility in the area.
Very Positive! Our therapist was both professional and thorough and helped me figure out how to manage my pain. I am still improving as I use some of the techniques he taught me.

Keep up the good work!
We enjoyed viewing your webpage.  It is very informative and professional.  What a time saver that people can print off their paperwork and have it filled out before their first appointment.  Keep up the good work!
-Heather and Esther
As a new patient, I look forward to my first visit next week. The website is user-friendly and informative.The online forms saves time for me and the office! No patient anxiety here!
Excellent to see a PT group that prides itself on such a high level of training!  I am a PT, DPT, and I am working on my MTC.  I will be sure to keep your group on my "referral radar"!
PT Professionals was very compassionate and attentive to my pain.  They do not double book their patients, and it is a very comfortable environment for physical therapy.   I have come a long way in just a short period of time.  Thank you!!!
"It has been great working with Erin and Nancy. They have been encouraging and patient with me as I progressed through my therapy. All of the staff are professional and friendly - calling patients by name, building rapport with each one and helping all of us- to regain good health. I would recommend PT Professionals (and have) to anyone need physical therapy".
"These guys run a great business.  I only saw one therapist the whole time I was there.  My therapist gave me his undivided attention during the entire treatment session.  I have had physical therapy in many places locally, and I have never had such a positive experience.  I would highly recommend PT Professionals."
Daryl and his staff are an amazing group.  Very knowledgable and professional.  I went to their office with constant back pain that was preventing me from doing things I enjoyed.  Daryl worked with me and taught ways to strengthen my muscles.  Now I am virtually pain free and back to doing the things I love.  Thank you PT Professionals!
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